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Welcome to Dental Hub

No Dental Insurance? We have some good news
  • -- Does your employer not offer dental benefits?
  • -- Did you lose your dental benefits?
  • -- Have you always wanted dental benefits
    but thought the dental plans were too expensive or complicated?

We have some good news to share with you and that is the introduction of our new Dental Hub Membership Plan to our patients.

We want to help our patients and their families to cut out the middle men, big insurance and access a plan that allows everyone to afford quality dental care.

This is a private membership plan (not a dental insurance) devised by the office for our patients who do not have dental insurance. It has many benefits that could fit your dental needs. The details of the plan are listed below. Please review them and if you are interested or if you have any questions then please call my office and speak to one of my administrative staff to help you or to sign you up.

  • For patients age 14 and up
  • Annual premium of $600
  • Two teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Two periodic doctors exams
  • Two emergency exams
  • Two oral cancer screenings/exams
  • Two fluoride treatments
  • Two periodontal (gums) charting and screenings
  • One set of bitewing x-rays (cavity detection x-rays)
  • One set of full mouth x-rays or panoramic x-ray (every 3 years)
  • 15% off additional treatments as recommended by Dr. Fattahi
  • Automatic renewal every 12 months from the signing date with 30 days notice
  • Payable in full upon signing (no monthly billings) and non-refundable premium
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or with a dental insurance
  • If referring to a specialist, the specialist's fees will apply
  • Benefits cannot be carried over to the following year
  • This membership plan is not an insurance plan and has no deductibles